I Stand Here Ironing

The short story,” I Stand Here Ironing”, by Tillie Olsen, reveals an attitude of defeat by social conditions and towards her children. Especially to Emily. I believe she feels guilty about not being there half of her life as a mother. As well as regretting her decisions of sending Emily away numerous of times. Such as to a careless neighbor for day care when she was eight years old, then to her fathers relatives and finally to a recovery facility. I believed she was doing what was best for her most of the time. Except, she did not think that due to her absence , Emily became much more distant and emotionally unresponsive. Tillie blamed her self and,”tormented herself[…] about not looking like the other,”(96) moms.
A women’s role in society should be a nurturing role model.In my perspective, I know she wanted to be a good mom because she has tried to be there for her in so many ways. She loved her since she was born, she was a,”miracle,”(93) to her. She was indeed,”a young mother,[…] a distracted mother,”(98). Due to the circumstances that women were supposed to accept during the Depression in the early to twentieth century she has tried to make time in Emily’s life. She was also a single mother who,”had to work her first six years when there was work,”(98). She met the basic physical need for Emily and to the rest of her children. In the end it may have been a lost battle although at least she tried.



• Marijane wanted to be the last prophet of the galaxy.
• Marijane had her first love and heartbreak
• She moved from one apartment to another to find the one that’s right for her.
• Marijane was reunited with her family after many years.
• She defended all women by speaking out her thoughts about changing the lengths and styles of women’s clothing.

Why does she want to be the last prophet of the galaxy?

Why couldn’t the parents go with Marijane to Vienna?

Cause and Effect Outline


  • Personal Discovery
  • First generation to attend college
  • Gain knowledge in different areas
  • To have a better life style

Hearing and visualizing the experiences from each of my family member as they struggle. In order to pay rent and appliances, each of my family member would take double and sometimes triple shifts at work. With the leftover pay, is buying $1 to $10 worth of clothes plus shoes on their backs and having food on the table. Until some of them moved to America, where I was raised, to have a better life but none went to college. Which made me think into realizing I need to be continuing my education, figure out what I want to do to make it as a successful career and live a good life style.

Topic sentence:
My family has been motivating me into continuing my education by getting a degree in order to have a wealthy life.

Cause and Effect

1) Education is the field that I’m a success in and Angela Jolie helped me succeed in this field.
2) Going to college is for independence, gaining knowledge in several areas and for my personal discovery. Attending college has made me more responsible, restart a club, and make new connections.

How to polynesian dance jungle to tahitan drums

The first step in the dance is to be posing with the right hand on the hip although without the hand and having the right knee bent facing towards the front.The second step, is to turn the body to the right side and as you turn, do sharp right to left then ending on the right hits using your hips and knees that are bent which is called Tairi tama. After landing on the right hip, the next step is doing the Fa’arapu. Which is beginning again by bending the knees and keep shoulders still, pushing the hips out in a smooth circle then going faster and faster and faster. Then repeat the whole step when turning to the left side from the right. The fa’arapu has to be in a circle at a constant speed all the way around and by nudging the bottom out, in favoring one side. The third step is doing the tairi tama again although turn the body facing the front and move to the right while doing sharp right hits twice. Then do the same going to the left. The fourth step is doing the box. In the box, snap the right hip to front right then back right, then left back and left front. Pretend as if standing in a box with your hips hitting each corner one at a time. The last step is ending the dance with a varu which is a figure eight. While moving slow and smooth, the right hip is out to the front and around to the front then back, right into the left hip. Then moving forward around to the left and back then right again in a continuos figure eight with hips.

Narrative Outline

Topic sentence
The rebirth of the Renaissance in dance was unique and fun yet etiquette at the same time.

I. Situation
The word Renaissance means rebirth,it is the rebirth of dance which was very popular throughout the time periods.

II. Conflict
During the renaissance the dances would be for different things, such as religion, socialism and theatrical.

III. Struggle
The authorities couldn’t control cults during the dances to worship the gods. They would sacrifice or eat animals for Dionysis. also the theatrical dance called Kordax would not the have the story in order or it would be really gross.

IV. Outcome
All the dances would be unique in its own way by the dance movements and combos that would bring delight to anyone.

V .Meaning